Message from the Division Chair 2016-2017

corinne_post_first_page.jpgDear Careers (CAR) Division Members and Friends,

It is an honor and a pleasure to serve as Careers Division Chair this coming year, 2016-2017. I look forward to working with all of you and have the feeling that we will make this year a very good one, and perhaps even accomplish a few new things for our division. Below, are what I see as the main goals for CAR in 2016-17 based on our last 5-year review as well as on observations and recommendations from CARs Executive Committee and members:

  • Enhance the quality and quantity of conference submissions;
  • Provide year-round “value” to our members;
  • Ensure CAR’s financial stability;
  • Align our membership with AOM membership trends.

The Careers Executive Committee (EC) – as usual – will be putting much energy to enhancing our division. Special thanks and a warm welcome to Jamie Ladge, PDW Chair; Scott Seibert, Program Chair, Bert Schreurs, Division Chair-elect; and Tania Casado, Outgoing Division Chair.

Denise Jepsen, Treasurer, and Bert Schreurs will be working on fundraising. Rick Cotton is recruiting AOM members to our division, while Arianne Ollier Malaterre, Andreas Hirschi and Belinda Allen are brainstorming efforts to keep CAR members engaged. Exploring opportunities to collaborate with CASS are Tania Casado and Bob Ford. Because it’s not OK when AOM members confuse us with placement services ;-) Wendy Murphy and Akram Al Ariss are thinking of ways for getting the word out a bit more clearly about what our division stands for.

Serving our communication needs this year are Belinda Allen, list-serv manager, Jos Akkermans, newsletter editor, and Augusto Nishimura, webmaster, with Holly Ferraro who supports our Teaching Community page. Last but not least, huge shout-out to Lauren Keating and Emma Parry for agreeing to plan our Atlanta division socials at the conference in August 2017!

As you can see, the EC is committed to putting together an exceptional program in Atlanta and a rewarding year leading up to it. If YOU are interested in getting more involved in the Careers Division, please email me to let me know - we are always searching for volunteers. Additionally, Tania Casado is overseeing our next elections and I would like to remind everyone that we always encourage nominations and self-nominations. The window for nominating is not open yet, which means there is plenty of time for inquiring about what it takes to serve on the Careers Division EC. Please contact me or anyone on the EC for a realistic job preview!

Thank you all for your efforts (submitting your work, reviewing submissions) and for otherwise participating in the division’s activities. I look forward to a great year ahead.

Corinne Post
Lehigh University, USA
Division Chair 2016-2017



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