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AOM Ethics Forum — The Internet Challenge to Publishing Ethics

By Janet Salmons posted 07-27-2018 19:21

The Internet Challenge to Publishing Ethics
Saturday, Aug 11 2018 5:45PM - 7:15PM
at Hyatt Regency Chicago in Plaza A

Are you concerned about how the internet impacts your scholarship? Perhaps your work has been plagiarized, or work-731198_1920-150x150.jpgcomponents ‘lifted’ into other papers’? Maybe you’ve been getting emails encouraging your to submit to predatory journals, or offering ghost-writing opportunities? Is your university going ‘overboard’ with metrics, measuring and comparing your citations, and comparing you with your peers in ways you never anticipated? Do you feel you’ve been ‘burned’ by reviewers who seem to know who you are rather than being blind to the process? Are you curious about what the future might be – and how we, as scholars, might be either constrained or facilitated by data metrics and internet innovations? If so, this ethics forum is for you! This open forum with current and former journal editors will offer the opportunity for a lively discussion about emerging ethical dilemmas for researchers who want to publish and present their work in-person and online.

The discussion will lead off from a forthcoming article in AMP by Honig et al : Reflections on Scientific Misconduct in Management: Unfortunate incidents or normative crisis?Download it here.

Hosted by the AOM Ethics Education Committee