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TIM-troduction: Thomas Klueter

By Llewellyn Thomas posted 09-18-2021 13:42


As part of our profiles of TIM people, let us introduce Thomas Klueter of IESE which is in the sunny city of Barcelona, which itself is in Catalunya, Spain. Thomas, congratulations on recently joining the TIM Division Executive Committee, so…

What are your research interests right now?

My broad research interests lie at the intersection of strategic entrepreneurship and innovation. I focus on the ways in which established and emerging firms manage technological change and the strategies firms utilize to develop and commercialize new technologies. Naturally, understanding how incumbent bio-pharmaceutical firms position themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic is of great interest to me at this time. Not only for research reasons but due to the pandemic's effect on family, friends, and the community. Most of the bio-pharmaceutical firms are intensely focused on personalized medicines but these developments may be delayed due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Conversely, the development of a Covid-19 vaccine has received unprecedented attention and resources and firms are experimenting with highly novel technological approaches. Examining strategic choices, such as licensing agreements or alliances for example, in such a context is interesting for me.

What do you think is your most exciting contribution to academia?

Adding to the conversation on how new technologies ultimately reach commercial markets has always been exciting to me. With my co-authors, we have documented some of the roadblocks along the path to commercialization, such as the fit with an industry’s prevailing business model. More recently, though, we have also discussed the importance of licensing as an alternative development commercialization path, which may have advantages when firms want to react to the competitive pressure from rivals` product launches.

Tell us something personal about yourself.

I teach on two campuses for IESE Business School, in Barcelona and Munich. This is very fortunate as it allows me to regularly visit my family and friends in my beautiful hometown of Fulda in Germany, only a short train ride away from Munich. Considering most academics have international careers and are often separated from their homes, I consider this a real privilege and something to cherish and take advantage of as often as possible.

Thanks Thomas!

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