• Call for Submissions: ONE Teaching Highlights Newsletter

    Dear ONE Colleagues,

    A special issue of the ONE Newsletter will be distributed this early summer 2018. The newsletter will have a focus on teaching and will highlight some of our ONE members’ great teaching ideas, approaches, and accomplishments. We are looking for teaching resources on ONE topics broadly defined. This includes but is not limited to syllabi, teaching plans, cases, simulations, exercises, assignments, etc.

    Upload your content to share with the ONE community. To support this initiative, we are calling for ONE members to upload their teaching materials to the new ONE@Connect website. Once you finalize your teaching material and prepare it for sharing, simply follow these steps to upload your materials.

    1.      Click on the folder in which your material should go. A series of resource folders (e.g. cases, exercises, readings, syllabi, etc.) have been created at:  

    2.      Under Folder Contents, click New

    3.      Complete a title, provide a description, and under entry type select Standard File Upload. Click Next.

    4.      Click Choose and Upload to then select your file and finalize your submission.

    Note that file submissions are moderated; expect a short (<24 hour) delay in posting. We encourage ONE members to consider uploading teaching materials on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Consider submitting by May 1st, 2018 to help other ONErs in their teaching planning for the Fall.

    Call for Newsletter Teaching Material Contributions. If you would like some aspect of your teaching highlighted and discussed in the next newsletter, please submit your materials as follows:


    ·         A word document including contact information and a ~500 word description of the teaching activities you would like to share (Word format). This description should include brief biographical remarks about yourself, a description of your teaching activity, and the impact the activity has made or you hope to make, preferably in an ONE context.

    ·         Sample of your teaching materials related to your teaching activity that you want us to highlight, preferably openable in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or pdf. This includes but is not limited to syllabi, teaching plans, cases, simulations, exercises, assignments, etc.

    Optional (This depends on what you have discussed in the required description, above.):

    ·         A professional photo of yourself (optional)

    ·         Videos or photos that we can embed in a newsletter

    ·         Any teaching awards received over the last year (scanned copy)

    ·         Any teaching oriented publications (cases or journal articles)

    Please send one email addressed to both Claire Simmers with your required and optional materials attached no later than May 1st, 2018 midnight, EDT. Please understand that not all submissions will be included in the newsletter and we will contact only those whose submissions will be included. We may edit some of the material you submit for brevity and so that we can include it in the newsletter.

    Thank you in advance for your submissions. We look forward to seeing your interesting work!

    Yours sincerely,

    Claire Simmers