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🔗 You're Invited! ODC Division 50th Anniversary Dialogue Series Session THU 5/13

  • 1.  🔗 You're Invited! ODC Division 50th Anniversary Dialogue Series Session THU 5/13

    Posted 05-09-2021 17:55

    Dear Colleagues,

    On Thursday May 13th, the Organization Development and Change Division will host two sessions exploring the future of organization development and change management at a critical juncture in our discipline.

    Over the last six months, ODC has facilitated two events to mark our 50th Anniversary. As we look to the future, we see collaborative, cross-disciplinary synergies to be of the utmost significance in creating healthy, vibrant, and humane organizations.

    In this aim, we invite you to join a collective ideation session that can position our community at large to have an actionable impact on what lies ahead from a standpoint of both, organization development and change management research and practice.

    Through the 50th Anniversary Dialogue Series, we have connected with more than 200 participants, generating several "big ideas" and initiatives to further the scholarship and practice of organization development and change.  We now seek your cross-disciplinary participation to strategize around specific, actionable steps to ensure that we are making an impact. We need your energy and insight!

    REGISTER NOW for May 13

    Session 1:      May 13, 2021, 2:30am US Eastern/6:30am UTC Duration 90 min.*

    Session 2:      May 13, 2021, 11:30am US Eastern/ 3:30pm UTC Duration 90 min.*

                            * Other time zones are indicated in the registration link.

    The format for both sessions will consist of group-based collaborative exchanges across topical areas of focus. Upon registration, participants can select up to three topical categories to contribute to.  Participants will be paired to collaborate with others sharing their topical interests. The total time commitment for each session is 90 minutes.

    Our ultimate goal is to establish a collaborative community space with sustained opportunities for all who have an interest in and passion for change management and organization development scholarship and practice.

    If you would like to be involved in future session planning, please reach out to Ignacio Pavez (, Kate Elgayeva ( or David Bright ( We are grateful for your interest in setting the course for the future.

    All are welcome -- we hope to see you on Thursday May 13th!

    Kate Elgayeva
    Assistant Professor
    University of Minnesota Duluth