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    Posted 05-18-2020 11:26
    Please see below for an update on Negotiation Journal from its editor, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld.



    I am pleased to provide an overview of the last two issues of Negotiation Journal, published by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

    First, here is an overview of the current issue, which is a special issue based on a workshop that revisited the concept of a "critical moment" or "turning point" in negotiation (advanced previously in the April 2004 issue of Negotiation Journal).

    Negotiation Journal, Volume 36, Issue 2 (Spring 2020)
    Special Issue: Critical Moments in Negotiation Revisited

    Editor's Note

    Joel Cutcher‐Gershenfeld

    Introduction to Special Issue: Critical Moments in Negotiation II

    Daniel Druckman and Joel Cutcher‐Gershenfeld

    Thirty‐Five Years of Research on Turning Points: Insights Gained and Gaps to be Filled

    Daniel Druckman

    What Use is a Critical Moment?

    David Laws

    Pivotal Events Driving Organizational and Institutional Transformation

    Joel Cutcher‐Gershenfeld

    Initiating Collaboration in the Midst of a Standoff: What to Do at that Critical Moment

    Lawrence Susskind

    Transitions from Infinite to Finite Games as Critical Moments

    William A. Donohue

    Learning the Wisdom to Seize the Moment: How Negotiators Encourage the Learning of Practical Wisdom for Themselves and Others

    Kenneth Sharpe

    Dancing Around Male Violence: The All Too Ordinary Backstory to Barshefsky's Extra‐ordinary Practice

    John Forester and Anne Kilgore

    Making Connection as Critical Moves in Negotiation

    Deborah M. Kolb

    The Other Person's Choices

    H. W. Stuart, Jr.

    The Power of Politeness in Negotiation: The Charlene Barshefsky Conversations

    William A. Donohue

    Applying Principles of Improvisation to Negotiation

    Chet Harding

    Critical Moments Reconsidered: When We Say Yes and When We Say No

    Carrie Menkel‐Meadow

    Here is an overview of the first issue published this year, which features our usual mix of articles advancing theory, practice, policy, and pedagogy:

    Negotiation Journal, Volume 36, Issue 1 (Winter 2020)

    Editor's Note

    Joel Cutcher‐Gershenfeld

    The Luck Factor in Negotiation

    Kimberlyn Leary and Michael Wheeler

    The Humanitarian as Negotiator: Developing Capacity Across the Aid Sector

    Rob Grace

    Behind the Curtain: Syria's 1979 Mediation in the Yemen Dispute

    Su‐Mi Lee

    The Art of Negotiation Exercise Design: Five Basic Principles to Produce Powerful Learning Experiences

    Arvid Bell and Taylor Valley

    Navigating Conflict: How Youth Handle Trouble in a High‐Poverty School

    Michael Moffitt

    Also likely to be of interest is a review article by William Friend and Deepak Malhotra in the Fall 2019 issue on "Psychological Barriers to Resolving Intergroup Conflict: An Extensive Review and Consolidation of the Literature."

    More information on Negotiation Journal, including submission information, is available at:


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