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    Posted 12-21-2020 12:02

    Dear colleagues,

    Please see below for a message from Sebastien Brion and Jamie Lyn Perry about a very interesting CM workshop opportunity in the new year.  Hope to see many of you there!

    Dear Conflict Management Division member:


    Join our CMD Methods workshop to learn how to use virtual meetings as a research context!



    February 16, 2021

    10:00AM to 1:00PM, Eastern (New York time) (UTC-4)



    Zoom – Register here.



    COVID-19 has accelerated the shift from in-person to digitally mediated interactions in the workplace. The purpose of this workshop is to provide guidance on how to extract meaningful data from virtual meetings, with a specific focus on using Zoom and R. First, attendees will learn how to configure Zoom to capture useful data streams (e.g., video, audio). Second, attendees will learn how to use the open source statistical software R to transform these data streams into useable datasets. Third, attendees will learn how to use R and facilities from Amazon Web Services to assess aspects of interpersonal and group dynamics (e.g., turn taking, sentiment analysis, analysis of facial expressions).  



    Andrew Knight, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Washington University in St. Louis


    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



    Sebastien Brion, IESE (

    Jamie Lyn Perry, Cornell University (

    Lukas Neville
    Asper School of Business
    University of Manitoba