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Organizational Neuroscience (NEU) at the AOM 2020

  • 1.  Organizational Neuroscience (NEU) at the AOM 2020

    Posted 08-10-2020 09:47


    Did you know there is a newly formed Interest Group at the Academy of Management 2020?!?

    The Organizational Neuroscience Interest Group (NEU) is pleased to join the AOM and offer two exciting events open to every AOM member:

    NEU Business Meeting (session 310) on Monday 10 August

    Welcome to the NEU Interest Group (session 1533) on Tuesday 11 August (asynchronous)

    Featuring: David Waldman (ASU) | Sebastiano Massaro (Surrey University) | Jemima A. Frimpong (John Hopkins University) | Chris Berka (Advanced Brain Monitoring) | Yair Berson (Mc Master University) | Bill Becker (Virgina Tech)

    The Organizational Neuroscience (NEU) interest group is dedicated to using neuroscience knowledge and approaches at different levels in organizations, as well as promoting linkages to management practice. We encourage knowledge generation through theoretical propositions and/or empirical evidence pertaining to the neural mechanisms associated with behavior in the workplace. Concurrently, the interest group seeks to understand how the environment, culture, and institutions can affect organizational actors' nervous system functioning. By considering neuroscience at different levels of analysis in organizations, we encourage interdisciplinarity and multi-methods research. Moreover, we stress ethical considerations when using neuroscience technology in workplace research.

    Curious to know more about what NEU is all about? Interested in finding out our plans and next steps? Want to show up and network? Please do feel free to join us.

    We looking forward to interacting with you! Thanks.

     = The NEU Executive Committee =

    Sebastiano Massaro PhD
    Founding Co-Chair | AOM Organizational Neuroscience Interest Group (NEU)
    Associate Professor of Organizational Neuroscience | University of Surrey | Surrey Business School
    Associate Professor of Behavioral Science (Hon.) | Warwick University | School of Engineering
    Director | The Organizational Neuroscience Laboratory |