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RFP Announcement: The Science of Honesty

  • 1.  RFP Announcement: The Science of Honesty

    Posted 07-21-2020 17:28
    Dear AOM CM colleagues,

    Please see the announcement below for an upcoming funding competition on The Science of Honesty. I am co-leading this competition with a team of psychologists from Wake Forest University (William Fleeson, R. Michael Furr, Eranda Jayawickreme). There will also be a parallel funding competition for the Philosophy of Honesty, led by Christian Miller of Wake Forest University. We will be sending a formal announcement for the RFP within the next month or two. 

    Upcoming Fellowship Announcement

    Wake Forest University, with a grant from The John Templeton Foundation anticipates welcoming proposals for funding. We aim to support scholars working on the study of honesty, especially early career-scholars but also more senior scholars.

    This $1.4 million dollar RFP is aimed at empirical studies designed to identify the determinants of honesty, the requirements for honesty, the degree to which people are honest, the consequences of honesty for relationships, groups, organizations, and institutions, and the reception of honesty. Proposals can request between $50,000 and $200,000 for projects not to exceed two years in duration. We hope to make 7 to 10 awards. We welcome empirical projects from all scientific fields.

    Letters of Intent (length = 1500 words) are due by Nov. 9, 2020. We plan to invite full proposals by December 18, 2020. Invited full proposals are due by March 15, 2021. We plan to make final award decisions by May 28, 2021 for research to begin on August 15, 2021.

    More information will be provided when we make the formal announcement in a few weeks, but we wanted to let you know about this now given the upcoming deadlines.

    Best regards,
    Taya Cohen

    Taya Cohen, PhD
    Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory
    Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business
    (412) 268-6677