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  • 1.  PhD Student Study

    Posted 06-17-2020 10:41

    *** Apologies for cross-posting ***

    Hi everyone,

    I am part of a research team exploring individuals' beliefs and attitudes about organizational hiring. We are currently seeking PhD students to compete a short survey. Participants will read an academic hiring scenario and engage in a short hiring task.

    If you are a current PhD student, please consider taking our 5-minute survey:

    Participation in this research is voluntary. We will not collect any identifying information that can be linked to you.

    We will be very grateful if you would take 5 minutes to complete our survey and help us advance our research program.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    Teodora Tomova Shakur
    PhD Candidate
    Department of Management & Organizations
    NYU Stern School of Business