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From Shelley Brickson: AMR Workshop

  • 1.  From Shelley Brickson: AMR Workshop

    Posted 07-29-2020 00:10

    Dear CM members,

    If you're interested in sharpening the theory development in your manuscripts, please see below for a message from Shelley Brickson about an AMR workshop:

    AMR Theory Writing Workshop:

    This interactive workshop will help participants understand how to write clear theoretical articles that
    make a contribution to the literature.  The session consists of two parts.  First, we will offer participants
    insights on how to structure a manuscript to showcase its theoretical contribution. We will also discuss
    some of the major challenges in writing theoretical articles and provide suggestions for addressing these
    challenges.  Second, participants will have the opportunity to engage in small group discussions on these
    topics with current and past AMR Editors and Associate Editors.

    This popular workshop is being held on Saturday, August 8 from 9-11:30 Eastern Standard Time.
    Participation is capped at 200 so register soon here:  AMR Writing Theoretical Papers: A Workshop from the Editors.


    Shelley Brickson

    Associate Professor

    UIC Business
    The University of Illinois at Chicago
    601 S. Morgan St, UH 2229
    Chicago, IL 60607 (312) 996-9861



    Lukas Neville
    Asper School of Business
    University of Manitoba