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Call for papers: Behavioral Science & Policy Association Annual Conference

  • 1.  Call for papers: Behavioral Science & Policy Association Annual Conference

    Posted 03-12-2021 14:19

    On May 6-7, 2021 over 500 leading behavioral scientists, policymakers, executives, and press will join our keynote speakers Robert Cialdini, Daniel Kahneman, Richard Thaler, Katy Milkman, Adam Grant, David Yokum, Morela Hernandez, Hunt Alcott and many more to gather for the 2021 BSPA Virtual Conference.

    All of the programming uniquely fit for digital will be hosted online during the week of May 3rd, with live streaming and interactive sessions from 11am-5pm (EST) on May 6th and 7th. 

    BSPA seeks proposals by March 26 , 2021 for short (TED talk style) presentations highlighting research in six key areas in which behavioral scientists could have significant influence on policy. These include: 

    Education & Culture
    Energy & Environment
    Financial Decision Making
    Justice & Ethics
    Management & Labor 

    The short presentation session is designed to inform and influence academics, policy makers, and managers.  Presentations may demonstrate recent key research findings (potentially from multiple papers) with meaningful implications for policy and practice and need not present new work-in-progress. These presentations should not be highly technical. 

    Click here to learn more and to submit:

    Conference Organizers: Sim Sitkin (Duke) and Craig Fox (UCLA) 


    Sim Sitkin
    Michael W. Krzyzewski University Professor,
    Professor of Management and Public Policy
    Duke University
    Durham, NC