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Envy in Organizations and Everyday Life: Requesting Unpublished Research

  • 1.  Envy in Organizations and Everyday Life: Requesting Unpublished Research

    Posted 10-07-2020 13:50

    *********************Apologies for cross-postings*********************

     NOTE: This is a distinct meta-analysis from the request posted previously on this listserv. Both research teams are aware of each other's projects.

     Dear Colleagues,

     Our research team (Yochi Cohen-Charash, Paul Spector, Soohyun (Ashley) Lee, Kim Johnson, and I) is currently conducting a meta-analysis of organizational and social/personality psychology research on envy as it relates to other constructs.

     We are seeking relevant unpublished research and conference presentations on this broad topic, including unpublished data, manuscripts in progress, and/or papers that have been accepted for publication but are not yet in press. We welcome studies that focus on any conceptualization of envy, such as episodic envy, benign & malicious envy, dispositional envy, chronic envy, and more.

     For inclusion in our meta-analysis…

    1. Envy should be either manipulated or measured, and must be examined in relation to at least one other variable.
    2. Correlations or other effect sizes for the above relationships should either be reported or be able to be computed.

     Once your study is received, we may also ask follow-up questions regarding characteristics of the sample, your measurement approach, or other methodological factors. We would keep your contribution confidential and will only use it for the intended purpose of this current meta-analysis.

    To submit your work for consideration in our meta-analysis, please do either of the following:

    • Option 1: Email with the reference for your work and a manuscript in progress, thesis/dissertation, or presentation deck/conference writeup.
    • Option 2: Use the Qualtrics form below to submit your data (e.g., a document with a correlation matrix or effect sizes, a raw data file with key variables) and answer brief, optional questions about your study. If this information is already provided with your submitted data, you do not need to answer these latter questions.

    Submission Link:

     We would greatly appreciate your sharing with us any relevant manuscripts or conference papers you may have. We are hoping to receive submissions by the end of October, but we are happy to grant extensions where needed.

    Best regards,

    Manuel Gonzalez

    Post-Doctoral Scholar

    Department of Psychology

    Baruch College, City University of New York

    Soohyun (Ashley) Lee
    Baruch College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
    New York NY
    United States