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    Posted 05-10-2021 19:23
    We invite you to join a newly created LinkedIn Professional Group on Business Knowledge Synthesis.

    This community will be a catalyst for knowledge accumulation and integration on a timely basis and at a massive scale.
    It is proposed in response to the growing fragmentation of knowledge in business research. A particular focus will be on integrating meta-science and technology into ready-to-use decision tools, e.g., human-assistive AI platforms for knowledge creation, accumulation, and application. For a background reading, here is an Intention Statement of forming a new Interest Group (IG) on Knowledge Synthesis by Kai Larsen (University of Colorado) and Victor Zitian Chen (the University of North Carolina at Charlotte).

    Victor Zitian Chen
    Associate Professor of International Management
    Belk College of Business
    The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Founding Coordinator and Lead Principal Investigator
    Global OpenLabs for Performance-Enhancement Analytics and Knowledge System (GoPeaks)