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Request for journal suggestions

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    Posted 10-20-2019 10:53
    Dear All,
    I am working in health management area with one of my doctoral students. This year we had presented our pilot study in the HCM division. We are on the look out for an appropriate journal for our paper. The paper is an interdisciplinary one compassing health care and management. I have pasted the abstract of the paper below.. any suggestions on where this type of work is accepted will be of great help to us.

    Background: Research shows that understanding and assessing the value perceptions of Primary Caregivers (PCs) is a challenge and pediatric long-term treatments affect the value perceptions of the PCs. The physicians form the "core" of the human element in the care 
    process and create value for PCs. We conceptualize two avenues of value creation namely consultation and relational empathy.
    Objective: In this paper, we present the relevant theory, conceptual model, research propositions and preliminary findings from our mixed method pilot study.
    Design: The first phase of the pilot study is an exploratory qualitative study, done with the aim of identifying constructs relevant to the current context. The second phase of the study is a pilot questionnaire survey of sixty participants, done to establish the reliability and validity of the scales used for measuring the constructs.
    Results: The main implication of our study lies in the understanding that the emotional connection established between the PCs and physicians creates a "bias" like inclination which acts as the strongest bridge that helps to cross the barriers to treatment continuity and Adherence.
    Conclusion: Initial findings show that physicians supported by the HCPs, create functional and emotional value that can 
    manifest through better interventions that can last long and have stronger impact on Adherence. Relying on physician's communication and relationship both of which have high scope for modification and individualization to incorporate value perceptions of PCs is a promising avenue for improving Adherence, rather than focusing on hard to change demographic constraints of the PCs.

    Thank you

    V Vijayalakshmi
    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras