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Interesting new resource on innovation policy

  • 1.  Interesting new resource on innovation policy

    Posted 04-28-2022 04:46

    In these turbulent times, more and more entrepreneurship scholars ask themselves, or are asked by students or stakeholders, about what entrepreneurial policies might work best to facilitate the right climate for innovative ideas and actions. 


    Here is a free resource that might be useful to folks…it is a recent open access book that explains the recent hype of "innovation missions" and seeks to examine and contrast these to other policy approaches such as innovative ecosystems or institutional framework conditions, and examplifies  methodologies useful for such work (including quantiative-causal, descriptive-analytical, and qualitative-process oriented). The book can be downloaded for free at Springer: 


    During the summer and fall we will be organizing a set of free and open workshops involving some of the coauthors: Peter G Klein, Saras Sarasvathy, Magnus Henrekson, Nicolai Foss, Zoltan Acs, Alex McKelvie, Anna Brattström among others, as to bring together stakeholders to discuss these issues. If you want to learn more and be included on the invitation list to the workshops, please let us know. We are also happy to organize a workshop in cooperation with your research group, school or institution, should you find the book and some of its chapters of interest. 


    Best to all

    -Karl, Siri and Christian

    Karl Wennberg (SSE),

    Siri Terjesen (FAU), 

    Christian Sandström (JIBS),

    Anna Essén
    Stockholm School of Economics