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Second Call for Papers - AIS THCI Special Issue - Adaptive and Intelligent Gamification Design

  • 1.  Second Call for Papers - AIS THCI Special Issue - Adaptive and Intelligent Gamification Design

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    SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS -AIS THCI Special Issue on: Adaptive and Intelligent Gamification Design

    The use of games and game-like elements in information systems has increased at an astounding pace and led to inspiring trends, one being gamification which counts among the most prominent developments in the past years.
    So far, gamification research has passed through different waves of development. To make gamification more sustainable and tease out its desired outcomes more effectively, an upcoming wave involves investigating ways of creating individualized gamification concepts that are tailored towards specific user needs and application scenarios. Designing and utilizing individualized gamification concepts is necessary, because users differ in their personality, preferences, motivations, behavior etc., and, thus, experience gamification in different ways.
    To individualize gamification concepts, we may, for example, draw on artificial intelligence (AI). AI allows for individualizing gamification concepts to get away from so-called "one-size-fits-all" solutions. From our point of view, some of these innovative application contexts require fundamental rethinking of the way we approach gamification and its desired outcomes. Consequently, knowledge regarding the design of effective gamified information systems that has been produced by research in the last decade might not be easily transferable to these new application contexts.
    The goal of this special issue is to publish work that critically demonstrates and represents the future of gamification by presenting ways to create intelligent and adaptive designs of gamification concepts.

    More information can be found here: - The full CFP is available here:

    Among others, the special issue considers topics such as:

    -Concepts and empirical insights on individualized and personalized gamification concepts
    -Artificial intelligence to personalize gamification
    -Personalizing gamification concepts with anthropomorphic and conversational user interfaces such as "smart personal assistants"
    -NeuroIS and gamification
    -Analysis of user needs and preferences in gamification
    -Role and meaning of context and culture in developing gamification concepts
    -Individual design of gamification concepts (utilizing dynamics of competition and collaboration)
    -Changing the perspective on gamification element design by considering related concepts such as digital detox or digital nudging

    We encourage contributions with a broad range of methodological approaches, including conceptual, qualitative, and quantitative research, as well as design science research. The review process will be double-blind. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the special issue, please contact the editors (see below).


    THCI requires that all papers must be original and not published or under review elsewhere (with the exception of publications at AIS conferences – see The preferred article length is around 10,000 to 15,000 words, excluding tables, figures, appendices, and references.


    Paper submission deadline: 20 February 2022
    Review decision: Beginning of April 2022
    Revisions due: End of May 2022
    Second review decision: End of June 2022
    Notification of final decision: August 2022
    Targeted publication date: December 2022


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