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ML Research at MISQ: Sign Up for Advice from Editors

  • 1.  ML Research at MISQ: Sign Up for Advice from Editors

    Posted 10-24-2021 08:12

    Over the next year, MISQ will be offering a series of knowledge-sharing sessions in which editors will share advice to authors regarding particular types of research.  


    In our inaugural session, we will cover Machine Learning research. 


    If you are conducting Machine Learning research and are interested in how our editors are thinking about it and what they are looking for, please consider signing up here:


    The session is free and will be offered on Nov 5, 2021, at two times of day.  Attendance will be capped, so please register early to ensure you get in.  See the link for details. 


    Registrations close Oct 31.  We look forward to seeing you there!   


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    Andrew Burton-Jones

    Professor of Business Information Systems

    UQ Business School

    The University of Queensland

    Editor-in-Chief, MIS Quarterly



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