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AOM PDW on Occupations and Professions: July 30th (Friday), 10am-12pm EDT

  • 1.  AOM PDW on Occupations and Professions: July 30th (Friday), 10am-12pm EDT

    Posted 07-23-2021 12:27

    Greetings! We invite you to participate in our AOM PDW on "Examining the Intersection of Occupations and Professions in Organizations" (session 87), scheduled for Friday, July 30th from 10am-12pm EDT in a Live Open format. [No pre-registration is needed to participate in this PDW.]

    This PDW seeks to explore new directions in research at the intersection of occupations and professions in organizations by bringing together leading scholars with participants. These scholars will include:

    • Ruthanne Huising (EM-Lyon, Senior Editor at Organization Science)
    • Andrew Nelson (University of Oregon, Associate Editor at Academy of Management Journal)
    • Amit Nigam (City, University of London, Co-Editor of Strategic Organization)

    PDW participants will have the opportunity to ask questions after each panelist's presentation as well as participate in an extended discussion at the end of all the presentations. 

    In addition, we have also planned for an interactive Post-PDW Social Hour right after the event (from 12pm-1pm EDT), which will feature Zoom breakout discussions in small groups. We will provide the Zoom link to this social event on the PDW landing page. On the landing page, we will also offer participants an invite to the standing Slack workspace associated with this workshop, which has been a valuable community for over 50 scholars in this area for nearly a year.

    We hope you can join us for this PDW and look forward to your participation. 

    Warm regards,

    PDW Organizers 

    Matt Beane (UC Santa Barbara)

    Curtis Chan (Boston College)

    Julia DiBenigno (Yale University)

    Arvind Karunakaran (McGill University)

    Matt Beane
    Assistant Professor
    University of California, Santa Barbara