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African Workshop on Information Systems - Online (Pre-ECIS 2020 Workshop)

  • 1.  African Workshop on Information Systems - Online (Pre-ECIS 2020 Workshop)

    Posted 06-12-2020 05:33
    Edited by Abayomi Baiyere 06-12-2020 05:44

    The planned African Workshop on Information Systems will be taking place as an online pre-ECIS event this year.

    We invite scholars (PhD Students and Academics) who are resident in or interested in Africa to this inaugural African IS workshop. The workshop is targeted at developing IS scholarship on the continent. The idea is to enable a vibrant IS community that stimulates and encourages scholars on the continent to have a voice and contribute to the advancement of IS scholarship. The workshop is also a platform for IS scholars in the African continent to come with their work and get feedback from highly established scholars and journal editors in the field. The focus of the feedback is primarily to give guidance and direction on how to develop the papers for publication in the top international IS journals.

    Here is a link to the program:!ArwfYoGr-MVei6V-xiStWfr59LJf8A with 30 selected papers. The workshop is divided into a) a panel session and b) a paper development session. The sessions are open to all scholars resident in and outside of Africa that are interested in the development of an African IS community. You do not need to have a submission to take part in the panel session. Below are the three panel sessions and the team of panelists presenting and also providing feedback to the submitted papers.

    •  Mentoring Panel: IS Scholarship in Africa – the challenges, the promises and the way forward
      Samuel Fosso-Wamba | Lisa Seymour | Olayinka David-West | Rahel Bekele | Irwin Brown | Amany Elbanna
    •  Publication Panel: Stimulating and supporting IS publications from the continent
      Alok Gupta | Michael Barrett | Raghav Rao | Dorothy Leidner | Gabriele Picoli | Sajda Qureshi | Arun Rai
    • Community Panel: Giving Africa a voice in IS community
      Helle Zinner Henriksen | Robert Davison | Ojelanki Ngwenyama | Richard Boateng | Dov Te'eni | Eivor Oborn

    For more info, please visit To register, please contact Emmanuel Ayaburi

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