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Apply to PhD program in Technology Management at UC Santa Barbara

  • 1.  Apply to PhD program in Technology Management at UC Santa Barbara

    Posted 10-27-2020 19:53

    The Ph.D. program in Technology Management welcomes applications for its 2021 cohort. Students work with the leading scholars in the interdisciplinary fields of organization studies, technology, and innovation management. We seek students who want to become exceptional scholars and who will go on to research and teach at top universities across the country and around the world. You would fit our program well if you are interested in technology-related work regardless of whether you have a background in the social sciences, physical sciences, management or engineering.

    Full funding is offered to all admitted students. Applications are due January 1, 2021.

    The Ph.D. in Technology Management program integrates organizational studies with technology and innovation studies in an interdisciplinary environment that transcends the distinctions between disciplines. If you come from a technology or scientific background we will teach you about the importance of organizations and social systems. If you have a social science or management background you will learn to understand the role of technology and innovation in shaping organizational action.  


     - Stephen Barley, Distinguished Professor, Technology Management

    Barley has written over 100 articles on the impact of new technologies on work, the organization of technical work, and organizational culture.  Barley teaches courses on the organizational implications of technological change, organizational theory, social network analysis and ethnographic field methods. Barley is currently researching corporate power in the United States, the rhetorical history of entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and work, and how successful entrepreneurs build organizations to manage their private lives.

    - Matt Beane, Assistant Professor, Technology Management

     Beane studies deviance in work involving machine intelligence - and specifically robotics. Matt has done extensive field research in settings such as robotic pick and pack work in fulfillment centers, robotic surgery, robotic materials transport, and robotic telepresence in healthcare, elder care and knowledge work. Current research is focused on the introduction of AI-enabled robots in repetitive, manual work, including how and why organizations and front-line workers are adapting particularly constructively to these technologies.

    - Gary S. Hansen, Associate Professor, Technology Management

    Hansen joined the University of California Santa Barbara as Associate Dean for the College of Engineering to build a new educational and research program in technology management and entrepreneurship within the College of Engineering in 2003. Professor Hansen's current teaching interests include technology-based startups and corporate intrapreneurship.  


    - Paul Leonardi, Professor, Ph.D. Program Faculty Director, Technology Management

    Leonardi is the Ph.D. Program Director. His research, teaching, and consulting focus on helping companies to create and share knowledge more effectively. He is interested in how implementing new technologies and harnessing the power of informal social networks can help companies take advantage of their knowledge assets to create innovative products and services. He has authored more than 50 articles that have appeared in top journals across the fields of management.

    - Kyle Lewis, Chair and Professor, Technology Management

    Lewis' research on team performance and innovation is published in premier scholarly journals and has received international recognition. She examines the performance of teams, especially those teams engaged in knowledge work such as professional services, new product development, science and engineering, and project-based tasks. She teaches courses in leading people, managing diverse teams, and collaborative innovation. 

    - Renee Rottner, Assistant Professor, Technology Management

    Dr. Rottner's research and teaching focuses on innovation, particularly how innovators can improve the development of new ideas and new firms. She has examined the dynamics of innovation in a range of settings, including Caltech spinouts, NASA projects, semiconductor startups, and Federal nanotechnology initiatives. She is currently studying these dynamics in non-US contexts, including entrepreneurship in Japan and China, as well as micro-financed businesses in India. 

    - Jessica J. Santana, Assistant Professor, Technology Management

    Santana studies the role of networks in innovation and entrepreneurship. Her recent research explored how entrepreneurs use peers and rhetoric to navigate sensemaking and stigma following startup failure. She also investigates the relationship between innovation and ethics in contexts such as synthetic biology and cryptocurrency crowdfunding. Her work is driven by insights from organizational theory, economic sociology, social psychology, and network science.

    Technology Management is committed to funding all Ph.D. students for 5 years.

    How to Apply

    The Applications deadline is January 1, 2021. Visit our Graduate Division website for more information:

    For more information, contact: Paul Leonardi, Ph.D. Program Faculty Director, Technology Management at


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