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Call for paper (EJFB) on Internationalization of Family Business: The role of Corporate Governance"

  • 1.  Call for paper (EJFB) on Internationalization of Family Business: The role of Corporate Governance"

    Posted 06-13-2020 02:23
    Dear colleagues, 

    In 2021, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the publication of the first article on the internationalization of family business (Gallo and Sveen, 1991) with an Special Issue on European Journal of Family Business about "Internationalization of Family Behavior: The role of corporate governance". 

    Submissions open July 1st, 2020; Submissions due November 1st, 2020

    Since their seminal paper, Gallo and Sveen (1991) remark the fact that the family nature of the business presents both facilitating and restraining effects on internationalization (related to family business objectives, organizational structure and systems, and company culture). More recent research has developed these seminal ideas including new constructs as familiness (Habbershon & Williams, 1999), or socio-emotional wealth (Gómez-Mejía et al, 2007). Most researchers have associated the internationalization of family firms to the sequential model proposed by Johanson and Vahlne (1990; 2009; Pukall and Calabro, 2014); this is often seen stemming from the risk aversion as the family might want to preserve the company for future generation and is not willing to take high risks in internationalization (Gómez-Mejía et al., 2010). However, other scholars have found links between family firms' internationalization process and the international entrepreneurship field, showing, for example, a higher agility in decision-taking in family-managed firms (Piva and Rossi-Lamastra, 2013; Thomas and Graves, 2005). In summary, different type of behavior in relation to internationalization has been found in the extant literature and IFB continue to be far from a mature topic. The potential heterogeneity of internationalization process of family business derives from the influence of different combinations of family involvement on corporate government structure and functioning.

    We seek conceptual, theoretical, methodological or empirical – both qualitative and quantitative – papers that can contribute to the advance of our understanding of IFBs. More information at 

    Guest Editors:
    Jose C. Casillas, University of Seville, Spain
    Antonio Majocchi, Luiss University Rome and University of Pavia, Italy
    Francisco J. Acedo, University of Seville, Spain
    Olli Kuivalainen, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT), Finland
    Mikel Alayo, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Spain

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