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Cultivating Intrapreneurship in a Pandemic Period

  • 1.  Cultivating Intrapreneurship in a Pandemic Period

    Posted 07-02-2020 02:00
    Dear Colleagues,


    How can employees pursue innovative steps in their organizations to better serve their society? Why should organizations cultivate these intrapreneurial efforts?  In a social isolation period where innovative views and energy are widely needed at many different levels in the world, CBA Organizational Wisdom Studio's 8th episode, "Intrapreneurship in  Social Isolation", focuses on these important questions with an intention create a mental map for employees who feel they can make a difference.  This 2-part episode hosts:


    Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter from the Harvard Business School


    Deputy City Manager Megan MacPherson from the City of Roseville


    Professor Kanter has been included among the Top-25 Thinkers in management field and considered as one of the most influential women in United States. Her inspiring vision about intrapreneurship along with the views shared by Ms. MacPherson about her experience as an intrapreneur provides rich insights about topics such as:  how intrapreneurs can fuel organizational innovationpower of connections with those outside organizationwhy pursuing entrepreneurial paths inside organizations matter; and what technology has to offer for those who are intrapreneurial. 


    Link to Eighth Episode – Part I:


    In a second part that will be sent out next week, Wisdom Studio's 8th episode will provide further insights about intrapreneurship with a focus on how intrapreneurs can overcome challenges to improve their organizations and society; please stay tuned. You are welcome to share this resource with your friends, students, colleagues, family members, and others who you think would benefit from it. You can subscribe to YouTube Channel to get notifications about our upcoming episodes.


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    Hakan Ozcelik
    California State Univ Sacramento