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BSPA Conference - ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT!!!

  • 1.  BSPA Conference - ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT!!!

    Posted 04-29-2024 16:09

    JOIN US at the
    2024 Behavioral Science & Policy Association 
    Online Conference 

    May 2-3, 2024 (11-5 EST)
    Theme: Technology & Society

    Highlights include:

    • How Behavioral Science Can Inform AI Regulation (Ronnie Chatterji, Elizabeth Kelly, Kris Hammond, Paula Goldman)
    • Algorithms: The Next Frontier for Choice Architecture (Sendhil Mullainathan)
    • Better Government in the Digital Age (Jennifer Pahlka & Wendy De La Rosa)
    • Behavioral Science, Technology, and Policy Making (Beth Blauer, Nicholas Chesterley, Irene González, Laura Smart)
    • Behavioral Science and Design (Lindsay Moore, Piyush Tantia, Ruth Schmidt, Ravi Gurumurthy)
    • Book Panel: How Technology Shapes Society (Dolly Chugh, Jean Twenge, Sander van der Linden, Simon Johnson)
    • Topic-focused Sessions (Tatiana Homonoff, Jeannie Annan, Elke Weber, Adam Waytz, Keith Chen, David Yeager)
    • Lightning Talks (Financial Well-Being; Environment; Global Health; Management; Justice & Ethics; Education)
    • BSPA Publication Award (Hal Hershfield)

     CONFERENCE CHAIRS: Anuj Shah (University of Chicago), Michael Hallsworth & Carolina Toth (BIT).


    Sim Sitkin
    Michael W. Krzyzewski University Professor,
    Professor of Management and Public Policy
    Duke University
    Durham, NC