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Election results and new volunteer opportunities

  • 1.  Election results and new volunteer opportunities

    Posted 05-23-2024 09:08
    Edited by Lukas Neville 05-24-2024 13:57

    Posted on behalf of Deborah A. Cai, Past President, CM Division:

    Academy of Management elections have closed. We had an excellent slate of candidates this year. Thank you to everyone who ran for one for the board of the Conflict Management (CM) division.

    I am pleased to let you know that the following people were elected to serve on the board, beginning at the AOM conference in August:


    Program Chair-Elect

    Dejun "Tony" Kong, University of Colorado


    Representatives at Large

    Liuba Belkin, Lehigh University

    Thea Tomova Shakur, Texas Christian University


    There are many more opportunities to get involved in the division! If you are interested in volunteering, please see some of the many opportunities listed below.


    Deborah Cai

    Past-President, Conflict Management division


    Volunteers Needed: Can You Help Fill These New Roles?

    The CM Division is looking for members who are interested in service to the division in any of the following new positions. Click the button below to contact us and let us know how you would like to be involved!


    Treasurer & Secretary - manages all financials, helps the division allocate and budget funds, serves as the contact person with AOM, manages all incoming funds and outgoing payments. Manages all the logistics associated with running the executive team, meeting times, minutes, locations for our in-person meetings.


    Communications & Web Director - manages all membership- and public-facing communications (e.g., CM website, monthly or bimonthly newsletters, special announcements (as desired, e.g., help with advertising webinars), and social media. This person may create a committee of volunteers to help, as desired.


    Social Media Czar - manages the social media interfaces for the division & determines the social media strategy for the division. We currently have dormant accounts on Twitter (X), Instagram, Threads, Tik Tok, Snapchat and Facebook that need attention. The focus of this committee is to build engagement and conversations among members


    Student Representatives - 4-6 students who help bring a student perspective to the executive committee, they will assist in creating student focused programming and projects in the division (i.e., possibly work with the PDW chair to create sessions focused on assisting in student development and growth or special projects such as division photographer etc.). Assist in conference activities, use social media to communicate division plans, and serve as greeters/networkers for PDWs and socials. We hope to have a team of students representing different geographic areas, in particular, we would like to have 1-2 students representing international institutions.


    Strategy Czars - two individuals; a combined role that includes one senior conflict scholar and a past representative at large or past division chair who scan the environment, assess opportunities and threats that may assist or hinder division growth. These individuals will also assist the program chair in determining an agenda and in conducting the annual strategy meeting at AOM. Determining strategy to assess member needs and provide appropriate programing. Determining a communication strategy to let people know about our programing, etc.


    Practitioner Representative - Someone working in the field who can help make our division more accessible to other practitioners and provide suggestions on people or sites who may be interested in having conflict researchers conduct research in their organizations.


    External Liaison - this individual keeps in contact with our sponsors and partner organizations (Emerald, PONS, NTR, DRRC, IACM, etc.)

    Lukas Neville
    Asper School of Business
    University of Manitoba