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  • 1.  Sleepless in (anticipation of) Seattle

    Posted 21 days ago
    For those of us joining the in-person conference, we are just about 10 days away from landing in the pacific northwest. Seattle is known for many things including two of my favorites: Starbucks and music. Putting my caffeine addiction for the moment, Seattle is known as the home of Grunge music spawning groups like Niravana, Sound Garden, and many others, but it also has been influential in Rock n' Roll (e.g., Heart and Foo Fighters), Blues (e.g., Jimi Hendrix), and Hip-Hop (e.g., Macklemore and Sir-Mix-Alot). 

    I've never been to Seattle myself, but based on the artists it generates, it seems to be a place that is direct, fringe, fun-loving, and confrontational. It is anything but mainstream. If you'd like to sample a bit of the Seattle sound and you have Amazon Music, you can listen to this playlist that I will be listening to in preparation. If you have trouble accessing this one or use another music streaming service, I encourage you to make one as the music scene in Seattle is bar none. That said, I am not responsible for the content and themes of these songs. Consider yourself warned (please don't attack the messenger). Many of the songs contain polemic (and problematic) content and themes. This is a sampling of the top songs by the top artists from Seattle. 

    Summer in Seattle

    Here is another link for those looking to get a first hand experience of the Seattle music scene:
    Music and Concerts | Visit Seattle


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  • 2.  RE: Sleepless in (anticipation of) Seattle

    Posted 14 days ago
    I am a voice of a bygone era and I have spoken ;)

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