AOM 2019 CFP: Prejudice, nationalism & the workplace: Managing diversity in the Brexit & Trump Era

When:  Dec 15, 2018

AOM 2019 Prejudice, nationalism and the workplace: Managing diversity in the Brexit and Trump era

Call for papers for a scholarly symposium at the Academy of Management Conference Boston, Massachusetts, USA, August 9-13, 2019

Symposium organizers: Jawad Syed, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Memoona Tariq, Nottingham Trent University,

This is a call for papers for a symposium titled, ‘Prejudice, nationalism and the workplace: Managing diversity in the Brexit and Trump era’ that we intend to submit for formal review to the following divisions of the Academy of Management: International Management; Gender and Diversity in Organizations. Aim of the symposium The aim of this symposium is to examine the impact of recent momentous events - from the policies of US President Donald Trump to Brexit – for issues of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Particularly in view of emerging and influential nationalist and ethnocentric sentiments and movements in many parts of the world including but not limited to the US, UK, Italy and the Netherlands, it is important to understand the implications of such developments for ethnic minorities, migrants and other disadvantaged groups. Migration in particular has become a highly controversial and debated topic in the North America, Europe and elsewhere since the UK’s exit from European Union and Donald Trump’s election as President of the USA. The symposium particularly focuses on President Trump establishing ways of banning Muslims, Latin Americans and other groups entering the USA, and the increasing incidence of prejudice, Islamophobia and racial hatred in Western countries.

Broadly speaking, we welcome extended abstract (1000-1500 words including a list of references) on the following topics or issues that will fit the scope of the symposium:
• Impact of governmental and political policies and regulations on equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
• Impact of supremacist and nationalist political campaigns on hate crimes, violence, prejudice and discrimination against religious and ethnic minorities and migrants. What strategies could be used to address this issue?
• The increasingly controversial nature of migration in North America, Europe and elsewhere and its impact on employment and careers of migrants and ethnic minorities
• Stricter rules and regulations in terms of residency and work permits, and their impact on migrants and entrepreneurs who have already settled in host countries
• Identification and sharing of knowledge of equality and diversity legislation, anti-violence and anti-discrimination resources that are under threat and what mechanisms may be used to preserve and utilize them In sum, we are interested in issues and challenges migrants and ethnic minorities are likely to face due to Trump and Brexit policies.

Format and deadline

Scholars are encouraged to submit their papers in two stages: (a) long abstract (approx. 1000-1500 words with references) due by 15 December 2018, and (b) full papers (approx.7000 words including references, due date to be confirmed). Abstracts received will be evaluated on their contribution to the symposium’s theme. We welcome both theoretical and empirical papers for the symposium. We do not have a preference for a research paradigm. Therefore we welcome any appropriate research methodology. Submissions will be taken to imply that a paper contains original work that has not previously been published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors are expected to follow AOM’s regular submission guidelines including the rule of maximum scholarly submissions per author.