CDBA Speaker Series: Arun Rai, April 23, 2021

When:  Apr 23, 2021 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (IE)

We hope you will join the online Speaker Series In Conversation with Academic Leaders, hosted by Trinity Centre for Digital Business and Analytics (CDBA) at Trinity Business School (Ireland). In this series, we will invite academic leaders to discuss major topics in Digital Business and Analytics.


We are witnessing the increasing ubiquity of AI, with accelerating deployment across task domains, entrepreneurial activity across industries, and embedding in core processes across digital platforms and firms. Alongside this increasing ubiquity of AI, we are encountering broad unintended consequences, both beneficial and harmful. These unintended consequences are arising from unexpected behaviours and downstream effects that emerge through interactions of AI agents with the environment and with other machine and human agents. To be able to control the actions of AI in ways that harvest its benefits while minimizing harm, we need to develop an integrated understanding of AI behaviour in the environments in which it is deployed.

Arun is Regents’ Professor at the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University, holds the Robinson Chair of IT-Enabled Process Innovation and Supply Chains and the Harkins Chair of Information Systems, and is the director of the Center for Digital Innovation (CDIN)—a partner of CDBA in the USA. His work has contributed to understanding the digital transformation of organizations and supply chains, governance of IT investments and platform ecosystems, and deployment of digital innovations to address societal problems including poverty, health disparities, infant mortality, and digital inequality. His research has involved close engagement with organizations across sectors (e.g., Apollo Hospitals, China Mobile, Emory Healthcare, Gartner, Georgia-Pacific, Grady Hospital, IBM, Intel, SAP, SunTrust, and UPS), and has been sponsored by government agencies, corporations and thought leadership forums. He served as editor-in-chief for MIS Quarterly from 2016 to 2020. He has also served as senior editor for MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research, as well as an associate editor for Management Science, Journal of Management Information Systems, and Journal of the Association for Information Systems. He is a Fellow of the Association for Information Systems and a Distinguished Fellow of the INFORMS Information Systems Society and received the Association for Information Systems LEO Award for Lifetime Exceptional Achievement in the Information Systems discipline.

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