ICIS 2019 - Professional Development Workshop (PDW) - Call for Submissions: At the Crossroads betwee

When:  Dec 16, 2019 from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM (CET)

At the Crossroads between Digital Innovation and Digital Transformation - Call for submission - Professional Development Workshop at ICIS 2019 - 16 December, 14:30 -18:00 in Munich, Germany


Overview: This PDW (Professional Development Workshop) session engages the workshop attendees to debate and get feedback on their own research on topics at the crossroads between digital innovation and transformation. In particular, the PDW is aimed at examining the transformation processes and mechanisms involved in digital innovation and shedding more light on what is unique about the novel phenomenon of digital transformation - compared to IT function-driven and enterprise systems-enabled organizational transformations of the past - across multiple levels of analysis, including individual, organization, and society. Studying the interrelation between digital innovation and digital transformation is pertinent, since successive waves of digital innovation within an industry or at the level of an individual firm and its ecosystem may lead up to fundamental transformation of structures, roles and management (Tumbas et al. 2018), culture, competencies and skills, and so forth, depending on the influence of barriers such as inertia and resistance to change (Vial 2019). New phenomena, such as the democratization of innovation processes (Huang et al. 2017) and consumerization (Gregory et al. 2018), put large established firms under significant pressure to transform their legacy systems and organizational structures, and reinvent their models and approaches to value creation and capture (Bharadwaj et al. 2013; Sebastian et al. 2017). Thus, expanding the research agenda on digital innovation to focus as well on digital transformation has recently been identified as a key concern for the information systems field (Hinings et al. 2018; Vial 2019). To address this topic, this PDW is organized to attract scholars with interest in exploring and debating the interrelated domains of digital innovation and transformation.



The Professional Development Workshop will consist of two parts.

In the first part of the workshop, there will be three short keynote presentations. I

·       Ola Henfridsson will provide an introduction and overview over research on digital innovation.

·       Nicholas Berente will provide an introduction and overview over research on digital transformation.

·       Andrew Burton-Jones will focus on the methodological and theoretical challenges in conducting research on digital innovation and/or digital transformation.

The second part of the workshop will feature round-table discussions. Up to four participants who are at a similar stage in their research projects and have common research interests will gather in small groups. Each group will be facilitated by a scholar with experience in conducting and publishing studies in digital innovation and transformation as well as significant experience with reviewing, editing, and mentoring. The Facilitators are:

·       Michael Barrett, Stockholm School of Economics

·       Sabine Brunswicker, Queensland University of Technology

·       Yolande E. Chan, Queen’s Unviersity

·       Jonny Holmström, Umeå University

·       Evgeny Káganer, IESE Business School

·       Gerald Kane (Jerry), Boston College

·       Sia Siew Kien, Nanyang Technological University

·       Magnus Mähring, Stockholm School of Economics

·       Gabriele Piccoli, Louisiana State University

·       Molly Wasko, University of Alabama at Birmingham

·       Ryan Wright, University of Virginia

·       Youngjin Yoo, Case Western Reserve University


Submission Details: To participate in the Professional Development Workshop interested participants are requested to submit a short paper draft describing their research projects which should include (1) title, (2) an abstract of their research idea of (max. 150 words), (3) up to five keywords, (4) an extended introduction including a short theoretical part, (5) the status of their data collection and current project phase, (6) potential contributions, (7) two concrete questions for the round table discussions. All applications have to be submitted in one file (.doc; .docx; or .pdf format) to SIGDITE@gmail.com<mailto:SIGDITE@gmail.com> before the application deadline and should not exceed 5 pages in total (including references, tables, etc.). Application deadline for the workshop is October 31st 2019.


Submitted short paper drafts will be peer reviewed by the PDW organizers and decisions about acceptance will be communicated until November 15th. Accepted participants will be notified about their group allocation and will receive the short papers of their group members for review and preparation. Each accepted participant will be asked to prepare a short review of the other papers accepted in the same group and submit these reviews to the organizers by December 6th. In addition, participants will have access to all other short papers allocated to different groups.


The Workshop Organizers are looking forward to your submission and to welcome you in Munich,


Robert W. Gregory, University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce

Heinz-Theo Wagner, German Graduate School of Management and Law

Sanja Tumbas, IESE Business School, University of Navarra

Katharina Drechsler, German Graduate School of Management and Law


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Am Messesee
Munich, 81823


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