WAIM Convergence Conference: At the Boundary: Exploring Human-AI Futures in Context

Starts:  Aug 14, 2019 12:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  Aug 15, 2019 3:00 PM (ET)
This convergence conference is the second in a series sponsored by the NSF Research Collaboration Network on Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines (NSF IIS-1745463).
Funding is available to support travel for speakers, PhD students and post docs. 
The aim of this convergence conference is to produce an agenda and plan for convergent, interdisciplinary research. To do so, we will bring together participants from diverse perspectives (e.g., business, government, law, geography, psychology, computer science, urban planning and more) in order to identify common research themes related to work and intelligent machines. 
Confirmed speakers include:
  • Jeanette Blomberg, IBM Research
  • Madeleine Clare Elish, Data & Society Institute
  • Natalia Levina, NYU
  • Wilma Liebman, Rutgers University
  • Elizabeth Watkins, Data & Society Institute
  • Christine Wolf, IBM Research
The program will be designed to maximize the convergence of people and ideas, with brief presentations, a poster session and extensive breakout/discussion. The discussions will be synthesized into a white paper to guide future research.
Possible research themes include:
  • Studies of real-world deployments of intelligent machines in and across diverse settings: finance, healthcare, manufacturing, education and others
  • Collaboration between humans and machines at work
  • Studies of augmentation in work
  • Foundations of trust in systems at work
  • Training/learning for work with intelligent machines
  • Policy for intelligent machines at work
  • Perceptions of interactions by machines
  • Design principles for automation at work
The conference will take place at the Syracuse University Lubin House in upper east side Manhattan (11 E 61 St New York, NY USA). The workshop will begin at 8 am ET on Wednesday 14 August, adjourning after lunch on Thursday 15 August. The poster session / reception will be Wednesday evening. 


Syracuse University's Lubin House
11 E 61 St
New York, NY