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It's Conference Time!!!

  • 1.  It's Conference Time!!!

    Posted 07-30-2021 02:51
    Edited by Ajit Appari 07-30-2021 03:39
    Let's Go!

    HCM Lounge Link:

    Some of you might have already started engaging with some of the previously recorded sessions, but tomorrow we kick off the synchronous live sessions including the HCM Division Business Meeting, the Emerging Scholars Program, and the Emerging Scholars Reception.

    The official venue for the Emerging Scholars Consortium Social will be in Gather Town from 6-8 EST. Hopefully, this time works well for our members all over the world.

    I want to provide some tips and resources for getting familiar with the HCM Lounge in Gathertown as well as to encourage you to use this space for gathering outside of the formal socials. One great opportunity to use this interface is with Senior Scholar Coffee Chats and Mentoring Program. If you have the opportunity to connect with your mentor or protege, why not do it in the HCM Lounge? There are private areas designed for small groups to connect.

    Tips and Resources:

    GatherTown is a web software like Zoom, but has the added benefit of participants being able to see the virtual space they and others are occupying. Participants move their avatar around the space to interact with others one-on-one or in groups, just like real life. When you move your avatar close to another attendee's avatar your video images pop up and you can video chat! The "video-game-meets-reception" format simulates real-time interaction.

    The platform is super easy to use, but here are some tips to smooth entry:

    • Use Chrome
    • Once you are on the site, allow the browser to access your camera and microphone by clicking on the little lock icon next to the URL
    • Make sure you are logged out of Zoom (it will echo in both platforms ... but muting your Zoom will help)

    Hope to see you there!

    Geoffrey Silvera
    Assistant Professor
    U. of Alabama, Birmingham
    Birmingham AL