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Get on Down to Gathertown!

  • 1.  Get on Down to Gathertown!

    Posted 07-28-2021 08:54
    Have you seen this character?

    He has been lurking around the HCM Lounge created in Gather Town. He has been seen in the park, dancing on pool tables, he has also been frequently spotted near the bar as well.

    Okay, you caught me. It was me the whole time!

    The Gather Town HCM Lounge is the official venue for both the Emerging Scholars social on Friday as well as the Division Reception on Monday. HCM lounge is also available outside of these event times as well. So...  if you want to connect with your collaborators in between sessions, hop over to the lounge. Want to grab a cup of coffee and hang out after a session, head over to the lounge. Think of this as a free space for connection, collaboration, and community building.

    While nothing can compare to in person HCM socials, Gather Town gives us an opportunity to connect remotely in a space and experience that is intended to reflect a typical conference gathering. Participants create avatars (have fun with it!) who can then be used to navigate the conference hall (HCM Lounge). Within the lounge you will encounter a variety of spaces where you can interact with the environment or host private chats with each other. (Think of it as Zoom meets role-playing game.)

    Gather remove preview
    Gather is a video-calling space that lets multiple people hold separate conversations in parallel, walking in and out of those conversations just as easily as they would in real life.
    View this on Gather >

    It only takes a few minutes to build a profile and avatar. If you'd like to peruse the HCM Lounge ahead of the socials or want to meet up with any attendees, this link is already active.

    Geoff Silvera

    P.S.- Several HCM Exec Committee members will be lounging periodically to help anyone who might need help navigating the space. These people can be identified by as their name will include the term "Host", and a friendly face will be nearby the HCM logo at the top of the lounge during all social events should you need any assistance.

    Geoffrey Silvera
    Assistant Professor
    U. of Alabama, Birmingham
    Birmingham AL