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the MOC "In the Rough" PDW series (deadlines extended to July 15th)

  • 1.  the MOC "In the Rough" PDW series (deadlines extended to July 15th)

    Posted 07-02-2021 08:12
    Registration/submission deadlines for the MOC Division's "In the Rough" PDW series have been extended from June 30
    th to July 15th – see below for more information about each PDW and follow the links for more information.

    MOC "IN-THE-ROUGH" PDWs (Pre-registration Required): 

    Pre-registration is now required by July 15th


    Cognition in the Rough (asynchronous - meet with your assigned group at an agreed-upon date between 7/29 and 8/31): 

    CIR provides scholars at all levels the opportunity to discuss their work and receive insightful feedback from major scholars in the field (virtually). The PDW requires submitting a paper proposal which will be reviewed and assigned to a virtual "roundtable" for discussion with 2-3 well-known scholars in the paper's domain for developmental feedback. More information & proposal submission instructions are available at the link below. 

    Submission Infohttps://moc.aom.org/intherough/cir   


    Diamonds in the Rough (Saturday, 07/31 from 12:00 to 14:00 EDT – synchronous): 

    This year's DIR, more than ever, seeks to support junior scholars as they contemplate their market/career opportunities in 2021 and beyond. The PDW includes a live panel on "Career Advice in the Time of Covid " (July 31st,12pm EST) with Michelle Duguid (Cornell), Erik Gonzalez-Mulé (Indiana), Davide Ravisi (University College London), as well as asynchronous 'breakout tables' to workshop your portfolio with 17 prominent MOC/AOM scholars. 

    Registration: http://washington.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cAZWQDZ1aCZMyIR 


    Reviewing in the Rough (Friday, 07/30 from 14:00 to 16:00 EDT – synchronous): 

    Join us to gain key insights about the review process from Associate Editors and Editorial Board Members at leading journals in our field. The PDW includes a live panel on "The Review Process" (July 30th, 2pm EST) with Mike Pratt (Boston College), Matthew Grimes (Cambridge), and Burak Oc (Melbourne), as well as synchronous 'breakout tables' with prominent scholars. 

    Registration: E-mail mocreview@gmail.com to receive manuscript 


    ADDITIONAL MOC "IN THE ROUGH" PDWs (no pre-registration) 


    Presenting in the Rough (Friday, 07/30 from 12:00 to 14:00 EDT – synchronous):  

    This year's PIR focuses on is "The Art of the Academic Job Talk." Panelists will present on specific topics such as how to architect a compelling slide deck, hone in on what to present, prepare and rehearse, engage a multi-disciplinary audience, and navigate a virtual job talk. Although the focus of this session is on job talks, many of the strategies can be applied more broadly. 


    For more information please check: https://moc.aom.org/intherough/pir 


    Teaching in the Rough (Saturday, 07/31 from 10:00 to 12:00 EDT – synchronous):  

    The Teaching in the Rough brings together expert instructors to share classroom-tested experiential exercises, activities, and lesson plans for teaching. Participants will have the opportunity to take home several unique activities or instructional ideas that they can use in their own classes.  


    For more information please check: https://moc.aom.org/intherough/tir 



    Entrepreneurial Cognition (Saturday, 07/31 from 14:00 to 16:00 EDT – synchronous):  

    This year, the live version of the Entrepreneurial Cognition PDW, focused on building community in this important area of research. The subthemes are: Beliefs / Values / Mental models, Attention, Bias, Decision making, Learning, Evaluation, Identities / Categories, Uncertainty, Communication, Motivation, Neuro-entrepreneurship, and Teams. 


    For more information please check: https://moc.aom.org/entcognitionpdw 


    Please also stay tuned on our website for more info on other events: https://moc.aom.org/ 

    We hope you can join us!

    Best regards,
    Ji Woon (June) Ryu
    DIR student ambassador

    Ji Woon (June) Ryu
    Doctoral Candidate of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
    Department of Management and Entrepreneurship
    Kelley School of Business
    Indiana University