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AOM Symposium on Meeting the COVID-19 Challenge, Monday 2 August at 12PM ET (UTC-4)

  • 1.  AOM Symposium on Meeting the COVID-19 Challenge, Monday 2 August at 12PM ET (UTC-4)

    Posted 07-22-2021 08:00
    We invite you to join us for our AOM synchronous live session symposium on "Meeting the COVID-19 Challenge: Changes in Health Care Provision in Response to the Pandemic" (Session #902) on Monday, 2 August 2021 at 12PM ET (UTC-4)

    No pre-registration is necessary but you can add the session to your calendar here.

    This symposium brings together ongoing research projects focused on the challenges and changes in health care provision in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The projects are located in different contexts and operate at different units of analyses to help explain how health care organizations organize and collaborate to manage risks, ambiguity, and uncertainty in times of crises. We hope that this symposium will provide a forum for discussion about insights into how health care organizations responded to the COVID-19 challenge, what we can learn from this for other grand challenges, and by provoking insights into future directions for research.

    The discussion is led by Kate Kellogg (MIT).

    How Not to Waste a Crisis: Frontline Units' Implementation of Opportunistic Change
    Elisabeth Yang, Yale School of Management
    Julia DiBenigno, Yale School of Management

    Negotiating Order: Experts and Control in Hospitals during Crisis
    Andrea Wessendorf, Cambridge Judge Business School
    Kamal Munir University of Cambridge

    Impact of COVID-19 on Primary Care Practice Sites and their Vulnerable Patients
    Sara Singer, Stanford University
    Jill Glassman, Stanford University
    Alan Glaseroff, Stanford University
    Grace Joseph, Stanford University
    Adam Jauregui, Stanford University
    Bianca Mulaney, Stanford University
    Sara Kelly, Stanford University
    Samuel Thomas, Stanford University
    Stacie Vilendrer, Stanford University
    Maike Tietschert, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    Creating and Sharing Best Evidence about COVID-19: Covid-END as a Global Community of Practice
    Trish Reay, University of Alberta
    Saeed Ahmadiani, University of Montreal
    Jean-louis Denis, University of Montreal
    Ann Langley, HEC Montreal
    Samia Chreim, University of Ottawa

    Best regards,
    Andrea Wessendorf and Kamal Munir (University of Cambridge)
    Symposium Organizers

    Andrea Wessendorf
    Cambridge Judge Business School