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Call for Applications: Digital Data / Digital Contexts PDW - Advancing the Possibilities of Qualitative Research

  • 1.  Call for Applications: Digital Data / Digital Contexts PDW - Advancing the Possibilities of Qualitative Research

    Posted 06-14-2021 06:04

    Call for Applications

    Digital Data / Digital Contexts: Advancing the Possibilities of Qualitative Research

    Session #: 11589 | Sponsors: RM, MOC, OMT, TIM

    Organizers: Njoke Thomas, Boston College; Micah Rajunov, Boston University

    Schedule: Tuesday August 3rd, 2021 from 1pm to 3pm Eastern (New York time) (UTC-4)

    Session Description

    Digital qualitative research is gaining traction in management scholarship, yet there is little consensus regarding best practices in this domain. General unfamiliarity with digital research may present even seasoned scholars with daunting questions around data availability, legitimate approaches to data sampling, efficient analytic techniques, and clear communication of their methods. 

    "Digital Data / Digital Contexts: Advancing the Possibilities of Qualitative Research" is a synchronous live open session aimed at demystifying the process of conducting qualitative research in digital contexts. We will explore how digital contexts call for news forms of qualitative research, and may challenge the underlying assumptions of existing methodologies. Our goal is to foster emergent scholarship that uses data derived in these digital spaces. 

    While it is not in the purview of this session to provide all the answers, we intend to generate shared meaning around key concepts and issues:

    • Terms and definitions
    • Constraints on interactivity with research participants
    • The nature of digital data
    • Issues related to data accessibility and privacy
    • The nature of digital contexts

    Our panel of scholars, recognized as trailblazers in this domain, will lead generative discussions that surface ontological as well as methodological issues.This session will also provide participants with actionable feedback on ongoing or proposed empirical projects.

    • Cristina Alaimo, LUISS Guido Carli University
    • Vivianna Fang He, ESSEC Business School
    • Mikkel Flyverbom, Copenhagen Business School
    • Arvind Karunakaran,McGill University
    • Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, NYU
    • Felipe Massa, Loyola University of New Orleans

    Application process 

    Who should attend: Novice and senior qualitative scholars who are interested in incorporating digital methods into their repertoire. The session will be of most benefit to those currently engaged in design or execution of a study. We also welcome participants who have not yet formulated a concrete research question but have an interest in digital methods. 

    Reserve your spot early: To foster generative conversations and opportunities for research development we are capping registration at 36. We encourage you to apply early.  

    Submission deadline: Monday, June 28th. Acceptance notices will be sent during the first full week of July.

    To apply, please answer a few brief questions about your interest in the PDW through this form: https://forms.gle/9VngYQEbzi4UBaEE8

    *Once submitted, we will do our best to generate breakout groups on the basis of participant preference and research interests.

    Please email any questions to session organizers Njoke Thomas <thomasxw@bc.edu> or Micah Rajunov <rajunov@bu.edu>.

    Njoke Thomas
    Assistant Professor
    Boston College