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Looking for new research collaborations? Join the HCM Research Consortium on 8/4 @ 9am!

  • 1.  Looking for new research collaborations? Join the HCM Research Consortium on 8/4 @ 9am!

    Posted 07-28-2021 08:54

    HCM Research Consortium: Innovative Collaborations and Secondary Data Research

    Date: Wednesday, August 4 @ 9am EDT (session 1384)

    Why participate: Looking to build new research collaborations? Not sure where to start? In this session, learn about innovative strategies for working across disciplines, time zones, and in a pandemic, as well as tips and tricks to keep your next collaboration on track.  We will spend part of this session fostering new connections among attendees with common interests related to big challenges for health care management. Join us and see if your next collaboration awaits!

    Official Session Summary: “Pivoting Research in Health Care Management in the Context of COVID-19” (Session 1, 9:00 – 11:30 EDT) will offer discussion on innovative approaches to research collaboration that have emerged as a result of disruptions caused by the pandemic. In this workshop, we will describe our approach to collaborating across multiple disciplines; discuss the processes and practices that support this collaboration; describe lessons we have learned from one another and from this collaborative process about research, methodologies, translation of theory to practice, and even about organizing logistics and interests across time zones and cultures. Workshop participants will be invited to share norms and practices from their own collaborations and discuss barriers to multidisciplinary collaborations as well as strategies to address these challenges. We hope the session will illuminate new opportunities to support transdisciplinary health management research.

    Erin Sullivan
    Associate Professor
    Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School