HCM Division Best Paper

This award is given to the paper judged to be the Best Paper submitted to the HCM program of the annual Academy of Management meeting. The award is sponsored by the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives and comes with a certificate of recognition and cash award from ACHE, and an award plaque from the Division. Based on the numerical ratings given all submissions by the program reviewers, the top 10 percent of the papers are considered for this award. A committee headed by the Program Chair and comprised of selected members of the Executive Committee and the previous year's winner of the award (first author), selects the winner.

Award Winners:

Task Assignment and Cost Control in Primary Medical Care, Ryan Cooper
Fostering Implementation of Staff’s Creative Ideas to Improve Patient Healthcare Experiences, Yuna Lee, Paul Cleary, and Ingrid Nembhard
Innovation in Professional Practice, Jo-Louise Huq
Regulator Leniency and Mispricing in Beneficent Nonprofits, Jonas Heese, Ranjani Krishnan, and Frank Moers
Empowered to Perform: A Multi-level Investigation of Empowerment on Performance in Hospital Units, Lauren D'Innocenzo, Margaret M. Luciana, John Matthieu, Travis Maynard, and Gilad Chen

Knowledge Transfer and Social Networks in Health Care, Stefano Tasselli and Elio Borgonovi
Corrective Organizational Action in Response to Adverse Events at an Academic Medical Center, Lucy MacPhail
Management Systems, Resource Availability, and Substance Abuse Treatment Quality, Dail Fields, Terry C. Blum, and Paul M. Roman
Rudeness Rationales: Whatever were they thinking?, Michael Leiter, Heather Spence Laschinger, Arla L. Day, and Debra Gilin
Identifying Organizational Cultures that Promote Patient Safety, Sara J. Singer, Alyson Falwell, David Gaba, Mark Meterko, Amy Rosen, Christine Hartmann, and Laurence C. Baker
Person-Centered Work Environments in Health Care: Preliminary Test of a Theoretical Framework, Cheryl Rathert, Ghadir Ishqaidef, and Douglas R. May
A Taxonomy of Hospital Governing Boards, Daniel Lee and Virginia Wang
Why Others Do, But You Don't? A Multi-Level Model of Responsiveness to Adverse Events, You-Ta Chuang, Liane Soberman-Ginsburg, and Whitney Bertato
Examining the Scope of Multibusiness Healthcare Firms: Implications for Strategy and Performance, S. Inamdar
Face-To-Face With Aids in the Workplace: Concern for Face, Fear of Aids and Its Consequences, Vivien Lim
Creating Entities through the Networking Dynamics of Boundary Construction, Kathleen Montgomery and Amalya L. Oliver
A Longitudinal Analysis of the Impact of Workplace Empowerment on Staff Nurses’ Work Satisfaction, Heather K. Spence Laschinger, Joan Finegan, Judith Shamian, Piotr Wilk
Government Financing, Managed Care, and Services Integration: The Adaptation and Evolution of a Mental Health Delivery System, Keith Provan, Kimberley Roussin Isett, and H. Brinton Milward
The Effects of Job Satisfaction and Perceived Stress on the Physical and Mental Health and Withdraw Intentions of Physicians, Eric Williams, Thomas R. Konrad, William E. Scheckler, Donald E. Pathman, Mark Linzer, Julia McMurray, Martha Gerrity, and Mark D. Schwartz
Interorganizational Strategies in the Health Industry: Effects on Hospital Financial Performance, Gloria J. Bazzoli, Benjamin Chan, and Stephen M. Shortell
Physician Executives in Managed Care Settings: Characteristics and Job Involvement Across Two Career Stages, Timothy J. Hoff
Patterns of Coordination and Clinical Outcomes: A Study of Surgical Services, Gary Young, Martin Charns, Kamal Desair, Jennifer Daley, Maureen Forbes, Shukri Khuri, and William Henderson