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You've been lied to!

  • 1.  You've been lied to!

    Posted 01-31-2023 19:56
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    People are saying -- good people I'm sure, but they're wrong -- that submissions to our special issue -- the most special of issues; it's really, really good, trust me! -- of Business & Society are due by February 1st -- tomorrow, ya know.  

    They lie! Liars! Liars! Pants on fires! What's wrong with these people?

    We have extended the deadline to March 15th (2023 -- which is this year, though sometimes we forget; I understand). Tons of time -- too much time really -- to get your best work in that fits with our theme -- really the best theme ever for a special issue, people are saying: "Unbelievable! How fake news affects the relationship between business and society." 

    The full call for papers is attached. Read it. Or don't -- it's an awesome call, and you already know that. Everybody knows that. So really no need to bother with reading -- that's for losers. Just send in your best paper now, and we'll make special issues great again! 

    Your pals, who alone can fix special issues,
    Mike, Naomi & Elanor (and Kathy, too!)

    Michael Barnett
    Rutgers University
    Newark NJ
    (973) 353-3697