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STACK seminar: Oct. 27th, 2pm EDT

  • 1.  STACK seminar: Oct. 27th, 2pm EDT

    Posted 10-10-2021 11:08
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    What happens after your hard-fought-for paper is finally accepted for publication? Hopefully it doesn't just gather dust. Let's make sure that others can build on your work!

    Please join us for the start of a new Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation initiative, Seminars To Advance Cumulative Knowledge -- STACK! We begin with a paper on scaling bricolage that is forthcoming at Strategic Management Journal.

    Christian Busch will answer ten questions about the paper's contributions, then Ted Baker will answer ten questions that clarify how this paper deepens the literature, then Sophie Bacq will answer ten questions about the breadth of these insights, and then Bibi la Luz Gonzalez will answer ten questions about the practical impacts of the paper. We'll then have a Q&A to further clarify how others can build on this work.

    Hopefully you can participate live (via Zoom). But no worries if you can't -- we'll be archiving all of this on the RICSI website. We aim to quickly scale up, despite our own resource-constrained environment, to create a continuously updated and openly available archive of leading edge multi-disciplinary insights about social innovation. Please note on the bottom of the attached flyer a link to recommend other papers for STACK seminars. We thank Aspen Institute Business & Society Program & the SIM Division of AOM for being a part of this.

    Michael Barnett
    Rutgers University
    Newark NJ
    (973) 353-3697