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Lance Eliot Brouthers Remembrance

  • 1.  Lance Eliot Brouthers Remembrance

    Posted 10-02-2022 04:05

    Lance Eliot Brouthers passed from this life around midnight on Wednesday, September 29th, 2022 in Kennesaw Georgia. Lance was professor of management in the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. Over the years he also taught at other universities, including the University of Akron, Texas Christian University, the University of North Texas, the University of Texas at El Paso and at San Antonio, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Lance received two Ph.D.s: one in Government from Florida State University, the other in Marketing from the University of Florida. His primary research interests involved international business strategy issues including entry mode choice, market selection, product strategy and understanding emerging markets and their global champions. His innumerable publications appear in many prestigious journals, including Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of International Business Studies, and the Journal of Management. Lance served the profession through work on many editorial review boards including Journal of International Management, Management International Review, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of International Business Studies, and the Journal of Management. 

    Lance built two doctoral programs, one at the University of Texas El Paso, and one a Kennesaw State University. He also served as the Dan C. & Barbara A. Sanford Endowed Fellow for Business Excellence at Whitworth University, where he gave a yearly seminar on research and publication and then coached individual faculty members on their research projects.  His work in this area contributed greatly to Whitworth achieving initial accreditation by AACSB in 2020.  Lance was unusually gifted with the ability to come up with research ideas and to see what was interesting in a theoretical question or a set of data or research findings. This, coupled with an ability to mentor, teach, and motivate burgeoning scholars, created a cadre of "Lance students" around the world, many of whom became long-lasting, personal friends. Even at professional conferences he (and his brother Keith) could be found sitting around providing advice to anyone who would listen. 

    Lance grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with his brothers, Keith, Scott, and Michael. Lance used his middle name, "Eliot," in order to honor his beloved mother, who passed away when the Brouthers brothers were just entering adulthood. Lance had many other interests outside academia and was an avid reader of science fiction. But his true love was superman and the other action heroes he began reading about in comic books when he was young. Lance put together a large superman comic book collection which he hoped to donate to a University, as well as collecting the original artwork used to illustrate the comics. You might remember seeing Lance wearing his superman tie, suspenders (braces), watch or other memorabilia at academic conferences. Lance was also a musician, wrote music and played the guitar most of his adult life.  

    Lance was not an easy guy to get to know but those of us who got to know him benefitted from his wisdom, humor, and friendship. He will truly be missed by many that he touched over all these years. We loved him and we'll miss him dearly. 

    May God rest his soul.  


    Professor Keith D. Brouthers
    King's Business School
    King's College London
    30 Aldwych
    London WC2B 4BG