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EXTENDED DEADLINE: AIB Junior Faculty Consortium, now April 18, 2020

  • 1.  EXTENDED DEADLINE: AIB Junior Faculty Consortium, now April 18, 2020

    Posted 04-05-2021 10:04
    I'm reposting below our announcement for the AIB Junior Faculty Consortium, as we've decided to extend the deadline until April 18. FYI, the same is being done for the AIB doctoral consortium.

    AIB Junior Faculty Consortium


    Shameen Prashantham, China-Europe International Business School

    Markus Taussig, Rutgers Business School

    UPDATED Application Deadline: APRIL 18, 2021

    The Academy of International Business is organizing a Junior Faculty Consortium, which will be held virtually on June 27th, 2021, US Eastern Time. The consortium will provide plenty of opportunity for interaction – among junior faculty participants and between the junior and senior faculty. There will also be time for junior faculty to discuss their research programs, or specific research projects, in small groups comprised of both junior and senior colleagues. In order to make the consortium an effective exchange forum, we will be restricting the number of participants to 40 and will emphasize quality and diversity in the selection.

    The faculty panel of the 2021 JFC will include a accomplished scholars who have extensive and varied publication records and research orientations, are based in differing types of universities and locations, have served as editors or are members of the editorial boards of leading academic journals, have won numerous research awards, and have substantial experience supervising doctoral students. Confirmed panelists include:


    Charles Dhanaraj, Daniels

    Caroline Flammer, Boston

    Nan Jia, USC

    Klaus Meyer, Ivey (Western Ontario)

    Jennifer Oetzel, American

    Sanjay Patnaik, Brookings Institution

    Ana Maria Perado, Victoria

    Anu Phene, George Washington

    Mai Thai, HEC Montreal



    Nathaniel Boso, KNUST

    Ans Kolk, Amsterdam

    Xiaohui Liu, Birmingham

    Howard Yu, IMD



    Sea Jin Chang, KAIST/NUS

    Ishtiaq Mahmood, NUS

    Rejie George Pallathitta, IIM Bangalore

    Elizabeth Rose, Leeds

    Sougata Ray, IIM Calcutta

    Zhixue Zhang, Guanghua


    Tentative Schedule (subject to change):

    Note that there are two separate but similar sessions held for participants in different time zones (Asia and the Americas, with Africa and Europe in between and with the ability to attend either). Participants will be assigned to one of the sessions based on their time zones (but African and European students may wish to alert the organizers to their preferred session in their application). All JFC participants will also have the opportunity to join participants in the doctoral consortium for two joint panel discussions on "Ethics in Publication" and "Meeting the Editors".  




    12:00 pm (noon) -3:00 pm (European central time)

    6:00 pm-9:00 pm (Beijing time)


    Junior Faculty Consortium (Session 1)

    [African/European and Asian time zone participants]



    9:00 am-11:00 am (New York City time)

    3:00 pm-5:00 pm (European central time)

    9:00 pm-11:00 pm (Asia time)

    Ethics in Publication

    Meeting the Editors



    11:00 am-2:00 pm (NYC time)

    5:00 pm-8:00 pm (European central time)



    Junior Faculty Consortium (Session 2)

    [American and African/European time zone participants]


    For each of the three-hour junior faculty sessions, there will be three parts.



    Introduction (10 mins)

    Part 1 (50 mins): How to build a high impact research program in IB

    Part 2 (70 mins – including a 10-minute break): Small group discussions

    Part 3 (50 mins): Managing an academic career in IB


    Space is limited, so as to make sure that there is plenty of scope for interaction. To apply, please e-mail the following twodocuments to Markus Taussig (mtaussig@business.rutgers.edu) by March 31st, 2021:

    1. A one-page CV, and
    2. A one-page description of your research program as follows:
    • Part 1 (approx. half a page) – give us a sense of your research interests (with a specific emphasis on how your work relates to international business), what you have published so far, and what your research pipeline looks like;
    • Part 2 (approx. half a page) – tell us what feedback or input would be most useful to you in a small group discussion; if this is getting feedback on an idea or paper then please describe this briefly, and alternatively, if this is about a query about career progression then again please share with thus your thoughts and question. This is also where African and European applicants might mention if they have a preference for the Asia or Americas session.


    Please send these as two separate Microsoft Word documents, with your surname in the file title (e.g., NameBio.doc and NameResearch.doc). Kindly use "AIB 2020 JFC Application" as the subject line for your message


    See you virtually!

    Shameen and Markus

    Co-Chair, AIB 2021 Junior Faculty Consortium

    Markus Taussig
    Associate Professor
    Rutgers Business School
    Philadelphia PA
    (973) 353-2922

    Markus Taussig
    Associate Professor
    Rutgers Business School
    Philadelphia PA
    (973) 353-2922