Join the IM Division Today!

Join the IM Division Today!

Membership Drive Committee

The Membership Drive Committee has the purpose of increasing AOM member awareness regarding the IM Division while encouraging membership involvement. The Membership Drive Committee assists the Executive Committee (EC) in identifying and addressing issues regarding member relations and involvement, serves as a liaison between the membership and EC, and fosters communication from and amongst members.
Members of the Committee

To help facilitate our liaison role, members of our committee lead specific regional areas. If you would like to contact your regional representative, please click on the person’s email below. You can of course contact any member of the committee individually, or write a message to the entire committee at

Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro

University of Florida
Area: Latin America

Tanvi Kothari

San Jose State University
Areas: Southwestern and Western US, and Western Canada

Rui Torres de Oliveira

Queensland University of Technology
Areas: Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands 

Hyun-Jung Lee

London School of Economics & Political Science
Areas: UK, Middle East, and Africa

Patricio Duran

Saint Louis University
Area: United States

Alex Settles

University of Florida
Areas: Russia and Northern Europe

Iiris Saittakar

Aalto University
Areas: Nordic and Scandinavian countries

Sachiko Yamao

Keio University
Areas: Japan and Pacific Islands

Alfred Presbitero

Deakin University
Areas: Southeast Asia and Australia



Want to get involved or provide feedback? Send an e-mail to the committee at


AOM 2013 IM Division Survey Highlights

We would like to thank those of you who participated in our IM Division 2013 survey about your experience at AOM 2013.

Below are the main findings:

  • The main highlight was the IM Division social
  • Networking and developing research collaborations were very important to our members
  • The biggest criticism of the AOM 2013 meeting was the location and venue of Disney.
  • The more frequently suggested improvements for PDW and Symposia sessions included greater involvement of international scholars and a reduced focus on North America.  The main recommendations for Competitive Sessions were to have fewer papers, but to have these be of a higher quality and be grouped together better.