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Request for Participants in Research Study

  • 1.  Request for Participants in Research Study

    Posted 09-16-2020 14:36

    Participants Needed for Research Study

    Seeking Leaders who Self-Report a Spiritual Transformation and their Approach to Leadership

    This study is focused primarily on capturing and analyzing the stories organizational leaders tell about their spiritual transformation and approach to leadership. Once these stories have been collected and analyzed, I am interested in seeing if there are common components or elements in the careers of spiritually transformed leaders. Ultimately, I would like to see if these stories follow a pattern, similar to the ones we know make for successful narratives, and therefore see if they can be used in the future to create a new kind of leadership development that may help usher a new leadership pipeline.
    • The interview will focus on the spiritual transformational journey, the story of how the participant approach leadership based on this transformation.
    • The interview will last between 60 and 90 minutes and will be scheduled via Zoom and during a time convenient for them.

    If you are self-identifying

    • Complete this preliminary questionnaire
    • Copy text with answers
    • Reply to me, paste with your answers in the email
    • Be sure to include dates/times of availability for the week of Sept. 13th

    If you are referring someone

    Preliminary Questionnaire
    Job Title: 
    The NUMBER of years in your current occupation: 
    Do you feel comfortable discussing your spiritual transformative experience? 
    (Type: Yes or No)
    Are you willing and able to participate in a study in which you will be interviewed for approximately 60-90 minutes to share your experience as a leader who has experienced a spiritual transformation? (Type: Yes or No) 
    Please share the date and time that is convenient for you. Upon review, I will submit a Zoom invite link for our scheduled interview.

    If you would like to contact my supervising faculty for additional information, please contact Dr. Annabelle Nelson at anelson@email.fielding.edu. Thank you for your consideration

    Lisa Elliott
    Fielding Graduate University