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challenges of performance appraisal in government organizations

  • 1.  challenges of performance appraisal in government organizations

    Posted 11-27-2019 05:22
    Dear colleagues,

    I have just completed my PhD in IO psychology; I combine industry and academic work.

    I am currently working with a ministry regarding their performance appraisal system implementation challenges and would like to ask you if you could kindly share with me references/info/hints regarding challenges of PA in governmental organizations and how to deal with them (experiences, best practice, theoretical frameworks).
    Particular challenge here (my impression so far) is that this is collectivist culture and people value relationships and won't compromise them for the sake of "objective" judgement and plus financial rewards are linked with the system, and managers try to avoid penalizing their employees; plus other classical issues. The peculiarity of the government system here is that its centralized and not too flexible. It takes lots of creativity to motivate people. Any suggestions/hints would be highly appreciated!

    thanks in advance!

    Salome Shelia, MBA, PhD
    Management Consultant