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JBP December Table of Contents

  • 1.  JBP December Table of Contents

    Posted 11-23-2018 10:55

    Dear Colleagues, Authors, and Reviewers

    Here is our December Table of Contents. Hope you enjoy and find value.  Also, wanted to share some quick stats:

    - We just broke our record for number of submissions -- chance to hit 700.  

    - Authors are surveyed by Springer about their satisfaction with the JBP publishing experience.  I was notified by the publisher that we are at a 100% favorable score.




    Work, Nonwork, and Sleep (WNS): a Review and Conceptual Framework

    T.L. Crain, R.M. Brossoit, G.G. Fisher


    The Effect of Employee Assistance Services on Reductions in Employee Absenteeism

    A.P. Nunes, M.K. Richmond,  F.C. Pampel,  R.C. Wood


    Organizational Moral Identity Centrality: Relationships with Citizenship Behaviors and Unethical Prosocial Behaviors

    C.F. Matherne,  J.K. Ring, S. Farmer


    Work-Life Boundaries and Well-Being: Does Work-to-Life Integration Impair Well-Being

    through Lack of Recovery?

    A.G. Wepfer,  T.D. Allen, R. Brauchli , G.J. Jenny , G.F. Bauer


    The Dark Side of Helping: Does Returning the Favor from Coworkers Hurt Employee Work Engagement?

    L.Q. Yang , M. Sliter , J.H. Cheung , R.R. Sinclair , C. Mohr


    Sparking Anger and Anxiety: Why Intense Leader Anger Displays Trigger Both More Deviance and Higher Work Effort in Followers

    T. Schwarzmüller , P. Brosi , I.M. Welpe


    How Workplace Ostracism Influences Interpersonal Deviance: The Mediating Role of Defensive Silence and Emotional Exhaustion

    S. Jahanzeb , T. Fatima

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