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Call for papers: Symposium on (De)stigmatization

  • 1.  Call for papers: Symposium on (De)stigmatization

    Posted 11-17-2018 11:30
    Dear colleagues,

    Brent Lyons and I are organizing a paper symposium for AOM 2019 (Boston). This is our working title for the session: "(De)stigmatization in the workplace: New research about how and why identities are devalued and how to undo it."

    As this title suggests, we're interested in active papers (theoretical or empirical) that examine the various forms and explanations for stigmatization in the workplace. In addition, we're interested in papers that consider how these processes can be undone. We are excited that this aligns closely with the conference theme, "understanding the inclusive organization."

    If you have a paper that fits with our topic and you believe is in the right phase of development, then please contact us by emailing me directly at jwlynch@uic.edu.


    John Lynch
    University of Illinois Chicago School of Business

    Brent Lyons
    Schulich School of Business, York University