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February 4 PhD Webinar Humanistic Management Association

  • 1.  February 4 PhD Webinar Humanistic Management Association

    Posted 02-04-2019 11:08
    Dear Colleagues,
    Happy 2019!
    The International Humanistic Management Association is inviting Ph.D. students and all those interested to join our monthly HM Ph.D. gathering, February 4, 10 am EDT; (sponsored by Duquesne University). Please feel free to forward to relevant Ph.D. groups.
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    Welcome back to IHMA's Humanistic Management PhD Network. This year we are looking forward to supporting PhDs with even more mentoring, social support and research opportunities. We also have possibilities to connect researchers for publication work, and data gathering sites in companies and organizations connected to IHMA. Please feel free to join our monthly calls.  The PhD Network webinar is held the first Monday of every month at 10:00 (Eastern time).

    In our monthly gatherings the Humanistic Management Ph.D. network is featuring  the work of selected Ph.D. students in the field to :

    1) highlight their research topic

    2) ask specific questions regarding their work for feedback

    3) share and discuss concerns of members of the group via Zoom

    This session will feature a presentation by Gareth Craze from Weatherhead at Case Western Reserve University. Gareth's work focuses on individual productivity and well-being, and draws on a variety of lenses including evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy.  

    Following Gareth's talk and audience discussion, we will hold a group discussion on career and professional development for doctoral students.  February's discussion will focus on selecting the right career path:

    Few students have an opportunity to see the full reality of academic life in departments other than their own.  There are benefits and tradeoffs in every path (R1, balanced, teaching), and it's hard to know how to choose which path will be the right one for your personal motivations/goals.  It's also a challenge to understand what you need to do in advance of the job market to be competitive for each path.  We look forward to a lively discussion that addresses these important questions.

    This career development discussion will be moderated by Dr. Sandra Waddock of Boston College.

    Hosted by: David Wasieleski, Erica Steckler and Michael Pirson.

    All interested students and scholars are welcome!

    The HM PhD Network is sponsored by the Institute for Ethical Business at Duquesne University.

    This monthly gathering is hosted by the International Humanistic Management Association in collaboration with the Academy of Management MSR Interest Group and Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division.

    IHMA is a partner of the Academy of Management MSR IG, UN PRME, the Economy for the Common Good, and Well Being Economy Alliance (WEAll)

    David Wasieleski
    Duquesne University
    Pittsburgh PA
    (412) 396-1092