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Final call for submissions: 1 December submission deadline for Human Relations Organizational Change Failure special issue

  • 1.  Final call for submissions: 1 December submission deadline for Human Relations Organizational Change Failure special issue

    Posted 11-29-2018 08:24
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    Dear OB Division members,

    A friendly reminder about the 1 December 2018 submission deadline for the special issue on "Organizational Change Failure: Framing the Process of Failing" to be published in Human Relations.


    Please read the full call for papers attached and online: http://www.tavinstitute.org/humanrelations/special_issues/ChangeFailure.html

    Despite what we know about how organizations and its members respond to change, organizations continue to spend an inordinate amount of time confronting failure and attempting to learn from failing in order to continue growing. Notwithstanding this attention, failure still conjures vivid images of losing and despair and has come to represent the antithesis of what change is supposed to represent. To "feel like a failure" is a damning incarnation of this phenomenon, and indicates the connection between achievement and personal identity. Consequently, while it is widely acknowledged that some degree of failure in organizations is pervasive, and ultimately, unavoidable, critical scholarly attention continues to focus on common questions and themes related to managing and surviving failure, or questioning the implications of failing, especially in the context of organizational change. After all, given its consequences, although organizational research has long been concerned with the features of and mechanisms for how organizations change, it is equally well-acknowledged that large scale organizational changes tend to fail or to lead to less than ideal outcomes.


    For this special issue, we seek papers that help expand our understanding of the processes that underlie organizational change failure. In the context of this forum, organizational change failure encompasses an organization's deterioration or the deviation from goals that are expected and desired from organizational change. As organizational changes of increasing frequency and severity become the norm, improving our understanding of failure factors and their underlying relationships similarly becomes increasingly important. Our interest is not a discussion of the bright or dark side of change failure but about explaining the different processes for how organizations fail to change.


    The goal of the special issue is to enhance knowledge and advance theory regarding the mechanisms that underpin the emergence of organizational change failure.


    Gavin Schwarz
    Dave Bouckenooghe
    Maria Vakola