OCIS 2020 5-year report

01/08/2020 OCIS 5-Year Review Report is now online

Executive Summary

The Organizational Communication and Information Systems (OCIS) Division is home to scholars within the Academy of Management who study behavioral, social, and economic processes at the intersection of communication, technology, and organizing.

The OCIS Division recently undertook a self-study as the basis for its five-year review. In addition, in response to feedback on this review from the DIGR committee, the Division has undertaken a one-year self-reflection, including an engagement study, with
the objectives of increasing engagement and strengthening the identity of the Division.

This report offers a set of short-term and long-term activities aimed at three core objectives to respond to feedback from the Division members:
1) strengthen identity and communication,
2) increase collaboration opportunities at the annual meeting,
3) and increase collaboration opportunities outside the annual meeting.

Specific short-term activities include a domain statement change, the Division name change, a spotlight initiative, and a mentorship program for young scholars.

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