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AOM 2024 PDW on Harnessing Large Language Models (LLMs) for Management Research

  • 1.  AOM 2024 PDW on Harnessing Large Language Models (LLMs) for Management Research

    Posted 06-16-2024 11:24
    Edited by Navid Asgari 06-16-2024 11:30

    Dear colleagues:

    We are thrilled to announce the "Harnessing Large Language Models (LLMs) for Management Research" PDW at the upcoming AOM Meeting in Chicago. This workshop is sponsored by the Strategic Management (STR), Technology and Innovation Management (TIM), and Organization and Management Theory (OMT) divisions, welcoming management scholars with different interests. The PDW will be held on Saturday, August 10, 2024, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm CT at Sheraton Grand Chicago in Chicago Ballroom VIII.

    The recent advent of LLMs has drawn tremendous academic interest. While recent explorations tried to elucidate LLM's interactions with humans, our PDW's perspective extends beyond this--we contend that LLMs can serve not only as subjects of examination but also as powerful research tools, substantially benefiting management scholars in two fundamental ways: 1) amplifying research productivity and 2) opening new theoretical insights. In addition, the PDW will showcase various opportunities and potential pitfalls of using LLMs within research.

    The PDW will consist of two parts, each lasting about 90 minutes: A) First, five scholars will show how they rely on LLMs as research tools and discuss the challenges. This section is open to all.

    The panelists include:

    ·         Mario Amore of HEC, Paris

    ·         Navid Asgari of Fordham University & IBM Thomas Watson Research Center

    ·         Shinjinee Chattopadhyay of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    ·         Amir Goldberg of Stanford University

    ·         Balázs Kovács of Yale University

    B) In the second half, which requires registration and submission of a research synopsis (up to two pages) OR a complete manuscript, the attendees will be divided into groups, each led by a scholar, to discuss their ideas with the other members and receive feedback.

    Our hope is that the PDW will provide an inclusive environment for idea sharing, networking, and further collaboration.

    If you are interested in the second half of the PDW (i.e., research round tables), please register by June 30, 2024, using the following link: https://sites.google.com/view/llmpdw/home. Since the number of available spaces will be limited, submissions will be evaluated based on their quality and relevance to the workshop theme.

    Please get in touch with the PDW organizers at LLM.PDW.AOM2024@gmail.com if you have any questions.


    ·         Navid Asgari (Fordham University & IBM Thomas Watson Research Center)

    ·         Deepak Nayak (Ohio State University)

    ·         Harsh Ketkar (Bocconi University)

    Round-table discussants:

    ·         Mario Amore (HEC Paris)

    ·         Shinjinee Chattopadhyay (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

    ·         Amir Goldberg (Stanford University)

    ·         Ralph Heidl (University of Oregon)

    ·         Harsh Ketkar (Bocconi University)

    ·         Balazs Kovács (Yale University)

    ·         Deepak Nayak (Ohio State University)

    ·         Ehsan Valavi (MIT)

    Best regards,

    Navid, Deepak, and Harsh